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Why Us?

No one remembers the second rate sports star. Or the TV ad with the actor with no presence.
Or the model that fades into the background.

Why? Because they weren’t select in their talent choice.

At Select, we pride ourselves on providing the perfect face, talent and celebrity stars able to make advertising campaigns unforgettable, lift fashion brands and turn movies into money spinners.

We’ve been doing that since 1998 and continue to provide our clients, the entertainment and commercial industry, with excellent talent and effective service.

The next time you need to make a choice for one of your productions, make sure you’re select.

Who is Select

Experience. Tick. Leading artist, model and talent booking. Tick.
Providing clients what they need, even if they don’t know it. Double tick.

Those are just some of the qualities that make Select, a proud NAMA member, the perfect partner for you.


Agency Manager & Booking Agent


Agency Director


Booking Agent & Artist Manager


Accounts & Business Manager


Select Services

Whether big or small, Select has the ultimate artists to suit your every production. Below is a mere glimpse of the wide variety of talent we have.


From fashion to street to yearlong campaigns, our models have the qualities to bring panache to your fashion and commercial productions.

Actors / Celebrities

TV or big screen, one man play to international productions, the actors and celebrities deliver the work you want, the way you want it.


`It comes in all shapes, sizes and colours and we have them all. Discover the talent you need right here.

Performing Artists

The world is a stage and we have the acts to back it up, whether you’re looking for seasoned or fresh singers,
rappers, comedians and dancers.

For a comprehensive list of all our artists Email us

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Whether you choose the high road or the low road, there’s only one way to get to Select:

The Media Mill, 7 Quince Street, Milpark, 2197.